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Advancing Disciplinary Literacy in Rural Schools

Advancing Disciplinary Literacy in Rural Schools (ADLRS) is a collaboration between the Fox Valley Writing Project in the College of Education and Human Services at the UW Oshkosh, the Clintonville School District and CESA 8. The FVWP has been awarded a third WEITQ grant (Wisconsin Educators Improving Teaching Quality) from the UW System to provide professional development for grades 6-12 content area teachers in CESA 8. ADLRS will focus on developing a collaborative, professional community of educators who are committed to improving their teaching, aligning their instruction with Common Core Literacy Standards for Subject Area Classrooms, and inquiring about their own practices.

Dates and Location

  • Orientation Meeting: Saturday, May 21, 2016 | 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Summer Dates: June 20-24 and August 1-5, 2016 | 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Location: Clintonville High School
  • Follow-up Sessions (approximately 12 hours)  – TBD

Who are the instructors?

ALDRS will be facilitated by a leadership team that includes six teacher leaders from the FVWP and two UW Oshkosh faculty. Leadership team members are:

  • Anne Brahe, Social Studies, Hortonville
  • Kristine Compton, English, Hortonville
  • Dr. Jennifer Considine, Communications, UW Oshkosh
  • Shannon Davis, Mathematics, Appleton
  • Shannon Glenn, Chemistry, Kimberly
  • Dave Holtien, Biology/Life Science, Kimberly
  • Lisa Weiss, 6-12 Literacy Coordinator, Oshkosh
  • Dr. Lois Delwiche Zamzow, FVWP, UW Oshkosh

What are the purposes of ADRLS?

  • Develop participants’ pedagogical knowledge to use reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing to advance content area learning and to improve students’ communication skills.
  • Create a professional community of grade 6-12 teachers ready to collaborate to improve instruction and further understandings of Wisconsin’s Common Core Standards for Literacy.
  • Plan/implement instruction and assess learning using literacy processes outlined by grade levels in Common Core Standards for Literacy in all subjects.
  • Self-evaluate instruction using formative assessments which provide information on student learning and which inform subsequent instruction.
  • Share professional learning with the ADLRS community and with district colleagues.

What are the expectations of and benefits to ADLRS participants?

Application and acceptance are contingent upon the following expectations for participants:

  • Attend the orientation meeting on May 21, 2016, two full-week sessions in summer 2016 and all academic year follow-up meetings.
  • Contribute to the professional learning community in good faith as an educator who respects his/her colleagues and is willing to take risks to learn and to improve his/her own teaching.
  • Engage in this opportunity to deepen understanding of the Common Core Literacy Standards for all subjects as they apply to each participant’s academic discipline.
  • Develop an inquiry project that advances instruction aligned with Literacy Standards and includes evidence of students’ learning.
  • Share, in a public format, the learning that has taken place in this course.
  • Record and reflect on segments of inquiry project for the purposes of self-evaluation and professional growth.
  • Earn three graduate credits — free of charge — from UW Oshkosh. Grades will be assigned Spring 2017.

Write a letter of application to the ADLRS Leadership team and include the following:

  • A brief introduction of yourself, where and what you teach, as well as a bit about your professional history. This section may include information about other district colleagues who are also applying for this professional experience.
  • A description/explanation of your interest in the topic of disciplinary literacy and/or the Common Core Literacy Standards as they apply to your teaching.
  • One or two teaching questions — or questions you have about your teaching at this time — along with a short explanation of each.

Request a statement of support from a district administrator that includes the following:

  • Rationale for how your involvement will benefit your students, as well as district colleagues.
  • Explanation of how the district will support your involvement in ADLRS.


Please contact Lois Zamzow at (920) 424-0332 or

Application deadline: April 8, 2016